Our Aims and Goals

We march on Earth Day, 22 April 2017, in solidarity with scientists in the US and internationally.

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GOAL 1: to highlight that Science is international

Some issues facing scientists in NZ have parallels with those faced by US scientists; however there are differences. We march in solidarity because what is bad for science anywhere is bad for science everywhere.

goal 2: to acknowledge that good scientists can be political

Objectivity in science is important: it is how we try to create knowledge that can be useful to everyone. However we acknowledge that funding decisions and prioritisation of what research is done can challenge this objectivity. Sometimes scientists need to speak up; sometimes, they need to listen to their communities.


goal 3: to promote greater inclusion in science

The scientific community has historically been culturally homogeneous, to the detriment of science.  Equity and diversity are important goals that the scientific community needs to take to heart.